The Power of Information – Part III

Monday, March 25, 2013


As eDiscovery matters increase in complexity, so does the value of real-time information. This entry is part of our ongoing series on the ways to leverage eDiscovery Lifecycle Tracking and Document Review Metrics to gain control over discovery.

Choosing the Right Review Tools and Strategy

Knowing the types of data and the format of that data early in a matter helps counsel chose the right process and technology for the matter. Some projects need many reviewers simultaneously, some are ripe for technology-assisted review, and some can be handled more linearly. By knowing the contents of the data set up front, corporations and their counsel will not waste valuable resources on a platform that is not right for their project.

AD-Tracking-WhitePaper-CoverFor more insight into the power of information, please click here to download the Advanced Discovery white paper, Top 10 Advantages of Discovery Tracking in Real Time.

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