Document Review Tracking and Analysis System

Advanced Review provides real-time analysis on document
review projects to improve predictability, performance and quality.

Benefits of Advanced Review

Better Review Metrics

Tracking review metrics right in Relativity® with Advanced Review provides legal teams with insight into document review projects.

  • Create budgets and timelines
  • Ensure deadlines are met
  • Make staffing decisions based on reviewer performance
  • Manage review teams

Flexible and Fast

  • Robust real-time reporting
  • Greater insight into review metrics and analysis
  • Greater customization
  • Independent reporting database puts no stress on your review database

Interactive Tracking

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Instant reporting and analysis
  • Visual tracking of cases
  • Easily visible and understandable metrics
  • Information is available at the touch of a button

Real-Time Without Delay

  • Simple interface with dashboards that can be viewed anytime
  • Automated process reduces human errors
  • All information from one source
  • No late or obsolete information
  • No impact on database performance


  • Single login for tracking document review projects
  • Track performance of reviewer, team and project
  • Track quality of reviewer, team and project
  • Simple to use with only a mouse
  • Built in the industry’s leading review tool, Relativity
  • Fully integrated with Advanced Visibility, Advanced Discovery’s ESI lifecycle tracking system

Advanced Review sits right inside Relativity® to deliver key business intelligence with no additional software, training or logins!


Compare budget to actual in real time


Productivity metrics for each reviewer


Quality metrics by reviewer or team


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