Manage, schedule and budget with accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

Why Advanced Visibility?

Interactive Tracking

  • Transparency is a single mouse-click away
  • Instant reporting and analysis
  • In-depth views
  • Visual dashboards
  • Real-time reporting on individual cases and across caseloads

Real-Time Information

  • Real-time progress updates
  • Real-time cost tracking
  • Real-time data details
  • No late or obsolete information
  • No impact on database performance


Advanced Visibility 2.1 includes compatibility with all web browsers, an iPad version and caseload reporting with an updated graphical dashboard.

Better Intelligence

For Corporations

    • Control your budget with forecasting tools
    • Gain insight with detailed data analytics
    • Manage review teams and outside counsel with real-time progress updates
    • Reuse data for multiple cases
    • Single login, single interface, easy to use

For Law Firms

  • Get insight to deliver superior process to clients
  • Collaborate with our team so your team can “practice law, not technology”
  • Generate real-time client reports instantly
  • Create project scenarios for AFA budget and schedule forecasting
  • Single login, single interface, easy to use

No Cost

  • All Visibility reports and analytics are included with your project



Real-time, full minute-by-minute transparency

Shared workspace between counsel, client and Advanced Discovery

Single-login system for the full ediscovery lifecycle

Scenario building, forecasting and tracking for individual cases and across case loads

Fast and effective with no impact on database performance

Available in Relativity®

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