Advanced Discovery: Worldwide Electronic Discovery Provider for Civil Procedure

Discovery in law is of utmost importance for commercial litigation firms. The amount of electronic information now being generated by companies and organization is staggering, and all of it may end up in a courtroom someday.

The people who started Advanced Discovery were already veterans of successful litigation support companies, but they saw a need to create a top tier, national electronic discovery provider.

Advanced Discovery says its difference is merging best-of-breed technology, and the human factor, the seasoned experts who are putting the tech products into practice for clients.

The mission statement: To relieve the task of collecting, processing, hosting and producing discovery documents for worldwide clients, all with a personal tough for the highest level of customer service.

Advanced Discovery gives clients multiple options to manage that rapidly growing database for organizations, in case it’s needed for legal discovery, investigations or regulatory requests.

Advanced Discovery shares its knowledge via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and in blog. Keeping track of the latest legal and technology developments in real-time, passing along case histories and success stories, de-mystifying the technology, and applying Advanced Discovery’s expertise.

For more information visit Advanced Discovery on their website.

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