Social Media Compliance Tips

Is a business responsible for the social media compliance of every employee who posts on any social media site on the businesses behalf?

When it comes to Social Media Compliance, the answer might surprise you.  The 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendmentsFederal Rules of Civil Procedure to Rule 34 has changed the electronic discovery rules, and the way courts are ruling when it comes to privacy of information being vulnerable to discovery in electronic media.  The imposition of large sanctions for the destruction and failure to maintain data which is posted on social media sites is becoming more prevalent.  With more businesses participating in order to garner new prospects and return patrons, the need for maintenance of such data is becoming imperative.

Document retention policy: how far does it go?

Most companies with a presence on social media sites are already aware of the need for a document retention policy.  The retaining of email and other data is necessary, but is it enough?  The problem exists with the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and text messaging which have been subject to electronic document discovery.  The data is not stored on the “company” equipment,  it becomes part of the “cloud” which “surrounds” the base of business.  Data on these social entities belongs to these entities.  This presents a two fold risk, the data is not part of the home retention policy and if retrieval is required, a third party becomes involved.  This can increase the risk dramatically, and become much more expensive than other solutions.

What if i copy everything?

Sure, great, how much, how long do you keep it?  The mayor of Detroit was prosecuted over text messages he had deleted from his phone years before.  The need for e-discovery consulting (electronic discovery consulting) by a professional team is growing more important daily.  You need to know what is important to keep, how long to keep it and how to keep it.  When it comes to data document management, there are many methodologies which can be applied to the conditions which exist.  At Advanced Discovery, we have the tools, the experience and the methodologies to tailor our services to be your electronic discovery solution.  With our data mapping service, we will know the how much, how long and have the ability to copy whatever is in your cloud.

It is not just a passing phase.

ESI, E-Discovery and Civil Procedure for Social Media

The trends are not showing any slowing in the use of social media in business, the opposite is true.  The risk isn’t just in the data you have, but in the data you may not have.  With the changes in electronic discovery rules and more interpretations to come the chances of being caught unprotected is more likely.  You need to be protected in case the unthinkable happens.  You need to pay attention to what you do best, let us do for you what we do best.  Don’t hire a plumber to fix your car, don’t hire somebody’s nephew to protect your assets, protect yourself with electronic data discovery services and get the professionalism you deserve.

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