E-Discovery: Put The Future to Work for you, Today

Advanced Discovery provides e-discovery services to sift through the ever increasing amount of data in today’s technology driven business environment. An electronic discovery service provider gives you the confidence to make sure your data is managed properly.

Redefining “big.” Remember when the terabyte was the new megabyte?  Storage solutions continue to grow in size. The cloud is getting bigger, not smaller. When it comes to e-discovery, proactive data solutions are becoming increasingly important. You need to have data management professionals who are looking forward, not just trying to keep pace with the present. Advanced Discovery’s litigation consulting professionals possess both the
knowledge and experience to anticipate what is coming, positioning you to effectively protect your ESI.

Reinventing the concept of “discoverable.” One real challenge today is the constantly evolving definition of discoverable. Facebook, twitter and blogs introduce new potential sources of discoverable data in an almost unending stream, making effectively managing data a challenge like never before. Without data solutions tailored to meet your needs and implemented by a professional team that knows how apply defensible methodologies, this can become both expensive and ineffective. Advanced Discovery has spent years crafting resolutions to the issues surrounding evaluation of newly emerging varieties of potentially at issue data.

How we can help. At Advanced Discovery, we base our data processing on four critical factors: accuracy, efficiency, repeatability and defensibility. We work with you to discover what your needs are so that we may achieve the most targeted and responsive data set possible. If you streamline your approach to obtaining data with efficiency, increasing data sizes may not equal a pain point in your litigation budget.

We begin with a proprietary workflow called FirstLook™, within the industry-leading platform Relativity. FirstLook™ lends power to the culling process and provides one platform for analysis, review and production. This is coupled with a defensible remote collections technology which can be less intrusive and more cost effective. In this, and in many other ways, Advanced Discovery is helping increase accuracy while reducing discovery costs and time-lines.

An overview of our process. Advanced Discovery uses proven methodologies, but we
don’t stop there. Utilizing the most effective combinations of our best of breed technologies, we can reduce the overall cost of electronic discovery by 40% to 50%; providing an optimized experience for analysis, collection, review and production. By continually updating our methods and streamlining our data handling techniques, we provide you with an end-to-end solution and an easily discernible return on your investment.

Take a look at all we have to offer. From our early case assessment services, to a discussion on e-discovery and what it means to your case in terms of data management, you will gain the strength of our experience, knowledge and tools. Most of all, you will learn why Advanced Discovery is the best possible partner for you, for your clients and for your bottom line.

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