Improve Litigation Document Review Efficiency by Using Analytics

Adding speed and accuracy to document review.

Intelligent technology has revolutionized review of discoverable data for use in litigation.  By employing proper search methodologies within a platform built for use of analytics, review speed can be greatly increased along with accuracy of the results.  The use of analytics for review efficiency is a critical focus of document review technologies in 2011.

Technology should make things easier.

The consultants at Advanced Discovery make rapidly evolving technology accessible, understandable and effective.  Our unique analytics work-flow design provides an uncomplicated path for utilizing analytics, such as concept searching, smart tagging, guided work-flow and topic clustering.  FirstLook™ is Advanced Discovery’s Early Case Assessment work-flow, increasing the accuracy of the culling process and providing one platform for analysis, review and production within the industry-leading Relativity platform.  This unique work-flow design for analytics makes review decisions easy and reliable.  This use of analytics increases review speeds two to three times, enhances accuracy and provides a reliable, guided, decision-making work-flow for your discovery analysis and review.


Add value, not cost.

Using multiple platforms to streamline the review process is akin to flying an ultralight to Europe from New York City.  Efficiency is born from employing a work-flow designed to do the job at hand within one platform.  Use of Advanced Discovery’s custom-designed analytics work-flow is decreasing review time by 40-50%.  FirstLook™ offers power and simplicity for document analysis and guided review work-flow in Relativity, truly saving  money and adding value to your data hosting costs.

Efficiently managing your document review is crucial.

As the volume of discoverable sources of electronic information. All litigation carries with it a discovery process that usually includes electronically stored information as well as paper] grows, it is imperative that parties be prepared to prove that repeatable methodologies for identifying both responsive and privileged documents were both properly tested and implemented.  With a proven history in  employing defensible methodologies, Advanced Discovery can put-in-your-hands the ability to improve your analysis and review work-flow by use of analytics through the guided use of FirstLook™.  You can research this further at our website.

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