Utilizing Analytics for Review Efficiency in Litigation Document Review

The advent of intelligent technology has revolutionized litigation document review, increasing both speed and accuracy.

Using analytics for review efficiency is the cornerstone of reviewing in 2011 and beyond.

Advanced Discovery’s unique analytics workflow design provides an easy-to-use path for utilizing analytics, such as
• concept searching,
• smart tagging,
• guided workflow
• and topic clustering.

The consultants at Advanced Discovery have taken “hard to understand” technology and made it accessible, easy-to-use, and most importantly, effective.

FirstLook™ is Advanced Discovery’s Early Case Assessment workflow that increases the accuracy of the culling process, plus provides one platform for analysis, review and production all within the industry-leading Relativity platform.

Its unique workflow design for analytics makes decisions easy and reliable.

Use of analytics:
• increases review speeds two to three times,
• increases accuracy,
• and provides a reliable decision-making guided workflow
for your electronic discovery analysis and review.

Improve your analysis and review workflow with analytics through the guided workflow design of Advanced Discovery.

The concept searching, topic clustering and smart tagging technologies are made accessible, understandable, and affordable with our analytics solutions.

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