A Look at the E-Discovery Trends of the First Quarter of 2011

Five topics that are proliferating in discussions about e-discovery.


Project management as an approach to e-discovery continues to be discussed as a means of controlling the high cost of the process.  Cloud computing is exploding making electronic data management more relevant than ever.  Social media and compliance, do you really know what the court may require you to produce?  Analytics can allow you to put the future to work for you today.  Outsourcing for e-discovery can insure that the right tools and expertise is applied if tended by a vendor with the record and experience to expedite the process in a cost effective manner. So, let’s breakdown the e-discovery trends for the first quarter of 2011.

Project management continues to draw attention, with good reason.


With the cost of discovery involving electronically stored information (ESI) taking half or more of the litigation budget, many organizations are investigating litigation project management as a means to eliminate redundancy and ensure a firm time line.  Case management, most commonly thought of as being performed by law firm personnel or in house counsel and staff, is inherently similar in structure and therefore not singular to the legal profession.  Given this viewpoint, value can be seen in this structure.

The cloud is growing and it looks like the wind may be picking up.


Microsoft, for one, has increased its presence with the introduction of Office 365.  The cloud certainly is growing and the wind is picking up data and spreading it everywhere it can go.  The need for document management systems grows along with the cloud as data access is spread to anywhere, anyplace and any device that can access files.  It takes more than electronic discovery software to perform a search of ESI with any kind of competency: what is needed is e-discovery software in the experienced hands of experts able to match methodology with need to develop a data culling strategy to develop a set of at issue documents in a defensible manner from the myriad of the cloud.

Sharing the keys to the kingdom’s treasure, social media and compliance.


The electronic discovery law contained in Rule 34 of the FRCP can make social media compliance a frightful prospect.  With many businesses taking part in various forms of this media to garner new patrons and to provide services, they are taking on the responsibility of compliance in discovery of information which may involve third parties unless this information is copied and stored in-house.  Unless these businesses maintain expert IT professionals capable of meeting this threat, a consultation with a knowledgeable entity is imperative.  Unless this peril is managed in a well versed manner, the financial and ethical standing risks are very real for attorneys and their clients.

The power of analytics can be employed to produce more accurate results in less time for lower cost.


It doesn’t make sense to procure multiple platforms to perform each phase of the e-discovery process.  FirstLook™ is Advanced Discovery’s proprietary Early Case Assessment work-flow for analytics designed to work on the Relativity platform.  By using one platform for the culling process, review and production, this work-flow makes review decisions easy and reliable.  Developed with the cutting of cost in mind, the use of analytics speeds up the review process two to three times, enhances accuracy and provides a reliable, guided, decision-making work-flow for your discovery analysis and review.

An e-discovery service provider should allow you to leverage technology and ensure your success.


At Advanced Discovery, we give you the advantages of having a full service solution provider for all your document management needs.  Our efficient, consultative approach allows us to create solutions that deliver, manage, and secure data faster with less hassle and less cost.  Our senior project managers can adjust our systems and programs to meet your special needs.  Our technology infrastructure is designed with scalability in mind to be highly adaptable to the changing needs of our clients, so we can customize it to best solve your problems and drive efficiencies. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to consistently providing you a top level of service on every project on which we work.

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