Breakdown of LegalTech West 2011

Advanced Discovery spent two days in LA from May 17th to May 18th and was there to attened LegalTech West Coast 2011. This blog breaks down our thoughts on the conference!

LegalTech West Coast 2011 was held May 17 and 18 in Los Angeles, California and much of the focus appeared to be on the need for legal professionals to embrace technology and for corporations to be more aware of records management and e-discovery best practices.  From the opening keynote speaker, David Pashman, who discussed social media and how it affects law, to the breakout sessions regarding compliance and ethical issues, the conference delved into the real need for increased technology awareness.

LegalTechWestCoast - E-Discovery Service Provider Advanced Discovery

Why Embrace Technology?


One panel, moderated by Monica Bay and paneled by Tim Hart and Brian Renken, discussed the fact that regulations and compliance have become increasingly important in the legal and corporate worlds.  The amount of data generated by corporations has increased dramatically, requiring creation and implementation of viable and defensible records retention policies.  In addition, there was discussion regarding what is called “disruptive technologies,” such as mobile and social media.  Panelists hypothesized that corporations should embrace these technologies rather than fight against them in an effort to increase productivity.

View from the Bench


Legal Holds In E-DiscoveryU.S.D.C. Magistrate Judges Suzanne H. Segal and Jay C. Gandi led a discussion regarding the changing world of legal technology.  Both Magistrates warned those in attendance that they should err on the side of caution if they want to impress the Court and offered such tips as crafting litigation holds, in memo format, as soon as there was the suggestion of litigation being likely.  They further explained that the memo should be at least 2 pages and should identify the appropriate people who may have electronically stored information pertinent to the potential litigation.  In addition, both Magistrates stated that consultants who specialize in electronic document review and retrieval should be brought in right away, to be proactive rather than reactive.

Ethical Issues in e-Discovery


Many of the seminars revolved around the need for the legal profession to understand ethics and compliance in e-discovery.  Defensible records management and  litigation readiness strategies  should drive use of technology decisions, however, knowledgeable and qualified employees and consultants must also fully understand how to use that technology for it to be ultimately effective.

LegalTech  West 2011 brought new viewpoints from Judges, counsel and industry insiders regarding the changing face of legal technology and the increasing need for informed e-discovery practices.  For more information on e-discovery, visit

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