Bringing Back The Human Element to Emerging E-Discovery Technology

Legal TechnologyIn a recent New York Times article, John Markoff wrote that emerging e-discovery technology would eventually replace humans in e-discovery review. More realistically, however, notwithstanding improvements in software that enable lawyers to search and review documents more easily, the technology is not likely to replace humans at the rate indicated by Mr. Markoff. In fact, many law firms are more comfortable hiring temporary reviewers or outsourcing the review to professional review attorney firms.

Improvements in Technology


Within the legal profession, there are many technologies available for use in e-discovery. Review platforms, such as kCura’s Relativity for example, allow attorneys to intelligently search documents, sort by topic and identify duplicative information. Although  review platform technology has improved, however, case law has shown it does not yet “replace” human document reviewers in making certain review determinations; such as what is responsive, privileged or not at issue. .

E-Discovery Service ProvidersThe Human Factor


Many large law firms and corporations have in house e-discovery teams, whose main role is collecting, processing and supporting the review of e-discovery.


Due to the cost of equipment, space and payroll, however, many firms and corporations are unable to hire specialized teams to handle their electronic discovery requirements. In these instances, many depend upon software alone. This dependence upon one software solution, or a combination of them, increases the likelihood of either missing documents that are crucial to the litigation or production of documents that are irrelevant, or even privileged. Therefore, using a trusted e-discovery service provider is the best solution for many law firms. Whether outsourcing one, or all, components of an e-discovery project or looking to consultants who can assist with implementation and use of e-discovery solutions in-house; Advanced Discovery is committed to providing its clients with the best possible outcomes.

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