Working Successfully with Litigation Support Service and E-Discovery Providers

Recent studies have shown that sanctions imposed relating to e-discovery are likely to increase over the next few years. In an effort to avoid this, more companies are turning to e-discovery providers for guidance. Choosing the right e-discovery consultant is very important, as their work can be crucial to providing the defensibility that courts are expecting. Before choosing an e-discovery consultant or provider, there are some important things to consider.

e-discovery providersQuality of Service Offerings


Although price is an important consideration in evaluating any service, the quality of the e-discovery service or consulting provided should fit your case as well as your budget. If the company is one you have never worked with before, it is difficult to know if they will provide high quality work that is comparative to cost. A quality driven e-discovery service provider is more likely to offer client references upon request, allow client review of project specific procedures, tracking and reporting and to discuss quality control processes that the company employs. Ask about staff qualifications and how projects are managed, as effective project management results in more defensible e-discovery practices. Be sure to communicate exactly what your needs are, to the best of your technical ability, and expect that a seasoned e-discovery professional will ask questions to confirm they understand what is required.

Be Aware of Timelines


A high-quality, competitively priced, e-discovery services provider cannot help you if your project exceeds your case’s scheduled deadlines. When first delving into a case, details may not be available regarding what you will need or when it will be required. For this reason, it is important to choose a consultant or provider who is able to anticipate reasonable case timelines and adjust accordingly as shifting needs change.


Experience, Knowledge and Accessibility


Experience, knowledge and accessibility are also very important when choosing an e-discovery service provider, and choosing one with litigation experience is ideal. Many providers, who are not familiar with litigation, may be able to meet your requirements at the technical level, but will probably not be as understanding of priorities as one with litigation experience. In addition, choosing a provider who has been in business for some time often offers the benefit of more seasoned personnel, tested and secure systems and reliable facilities. SaaS providers should also offer clients accessibility, system reliability and speed.

There are myriad criteria that should be considered before choosing an e-discovery consultant or service provider. By developing the criteria that suit your case loads overall, and in sharing and discussing these with your chosen provider(s), you can be more secure in the knowledge that the company you work with will be better able to provide the services you need at costs that reflect value. Advanced Discovery provides e-discovery services for both corporations and law firms.

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