Advanced Discovery EVP Brian Kawasaki to speak at kCura’s Annual Relativity Fest covering Text Analytics

Advanced Discovery is excited to announce that Brian Kawasaki will be a panel expert at Relativity Fest, discussing successful usage of text analytics technology in Relativity. Relativity Fest, scheduled September 25-27, 2011, in Chicago, is an annual user conference designed to educate and celebrate Relativity users.


“We are thrilled that Brian was selected by the team at kCura to be an expert on the analytics panel at Relativity Fest this year,” said Thadd Hale, Advanced Discovery COO. “The invitation to appear on this panel of experts reinforces Brian’s position as a premier Relativity expert in our field and highlights the expertise he brings to our client base, enabling the success of their projects.”

Analytics is an advanced iterative technology for clustering, concept searching and predictive coding. kCura states that “Relativity Analytics allows you to speed up review and identify critical documents in a case by searching and organizing document sets.” Experts like Brian assist clients in integrating analytics into their review workflow, allowing for a faster and more efficient review. Using technology to identify ideas and concepts to more effectively categorize documents in a collection is the basis of Analytics.

Advanced Discovery works with clients to devise effective methodologies to defensibly utilize technology to collect, process and review data quickly and efficiently. Advanced Discovery has been operating since 2002 and serves clients throughout the world, maintaining physical locations in many major U.S. cities for the convenience of its clients.


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