Chicago Bar Association: Effective ADR Solutions To the EDiscovery Maelstrom

Advanced Discovery is proud to announce Executive Vice President Myron Jadwin will be a featured guest speaker at the Chicago Bar Associations Effective ADR Solutions To the EDiscovery Maelstrom event on May 9, 2012.

Myron Jadwin is the featured speaker for the “top 10 ideas for surviving and prospering in the e-discovery world today” session. He will cover the following topics:

  • Reducing E-Discovery & Review Spend
  • Understanding & Leveraging Emerging Technologies & Workflows
  • Strategic Cooperation Amongst Parties
  • Assemble the Right E-Discovery Team
  • Create a Repeatable, Defensible & Transparent Process

Below is a list of the other event sessions:

  • A practical guide to e-discovery
  • ADR arbitration to the eDiscovery crisis  in litigation construction and commercial disputes
  • E-Discovery obstacles
  • Panel Discussion: Best practices for handling e-discovery through ADR

The event is scheduled to take place on May 9, 2012 from 12:00pm-2:10pm at 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL, 60604. For more information visit the Chicago Bar Association website.

About the Chicago Bar Association

Founded in 1874, The Chicago Bar Association is one of the oldest and most active metropolitan bar associations in the United States. The Association’s voluntary membership of 22,000 consists largely of lawyers and judges from Cook County and the State of Illinois. However, we do have a growing out-of-state membership of lawyers who want to take advantage of the Association’s many membership services and benefits.

About Advanced Discovery

Founded in 2002, Advanced Discovery is a leading provider of investigatory and litigation support services for corporations, governmental agencies and Am Law firms worldwide. Advanced Discovery is a service-driven organization, applying best-in-class consultation, innovative technologies and e-Discovery best practices to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer a powerful, custom-designed workflow called FirstLook. Built directly in to the industry’s leading review tool, Relativity, First Look enables the defensible handling of early data analysis, review and production in a single platform.

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