Case Study

Seamless Communication and Project Management Protocols Lead to 25% Cost Savings and Defensibility


Client:  International Media Company
Practice Area:  Trademark Litigation
Location:  Panama, Houston, Los Angeles, New York
Solutions:  Forensic Collection, eDiscovery Processing, Hosting, and Managed Review (Spanish & English)
Platform:  Relativity
Impact:  Defensible, High-Quality Production (25% below budget)

Faced with discovery production deadlines, the Houston office of an IP litigation law firm called on Advanced Discovery to assist with the collection, processing, hosting, review and production of a high-profile international trademark dispute. With data located in Central America and Texas, Advanced Discovery’s Project Management Team and technologists swung into action, creating a clear workflow and action plan from collection to production. Advanced Discovery processed, prepped and hosted the data out of its state-of-the-art e-discovery processing facility in Kansas. With seamless and clear communication channels across e-discovery and review divisions, Advanced Discovery’s Managed Review Team was able to hit the ground running, quickly assembling a team of contract attorneys at Advanced Discovery’s Review Center in Los Angeles, which was fully-equipped with a high-speed secure network, 1 GB bandwidth, 23” dual monitors, and workstations optimized for secure reviews. Advanced Discovery’s Review Manager collaborated with managing counsel to create the coding manual, live-test the coding protocols, and perform the entire review, including relevance and privilege in English and Spanish. Working overtime and throughout the weekend, Advanced Discovery’s Managed Review team delivered quality production that was defensible and met production deadlines at 25% below budget.

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