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Looking for a better way  to analyze and investigate  your search criteria?  Try Search Magnifier.

Search MagnifierTurn a nine-step process into one simple step.

The project managers at Advanced Discovery work with clients like you daily. So they know that creating and running several versions of your keyword searches can be extremely time consuming. It‘s another chore just keeping track of the results of each of the searches, so you can decide the best way to move forward. That’s why we created our Search Magnifier. This powerful tool is unique to the eDiscovery industry. Search Magnifier generates and executes multiple searches from the keywords or phrases you input. For instance, an input of status (contract negotiation) generates up to six searches with those terms as the basis. Then, Search Magnifier delivers search-results statistics in an interactive table to support your decision-making process. Search Magnifier is incorporated into Advanced Visibility 2.1, Advanced Discovery’s eDiscovery management tool, which augments kCura’s Relativity.

Additional enhancements to the 2.1 version include compatibility with all web browsers, an iPad version and caseload reporting with an updated graphical dashboard.

Along with its Advanced Visibility upgrades, the company is releasing its new online Budget Builder. With this tool, clients and potential clients can get an accurate estimate of the cost of upcoming projects. This information will help law firms and the corporate clients they support gain an early understanding of project costs to support budgeting and strategy decisions. With Budget Builder, build or modify a budget at any point in your process.

  • Pre-engagement – view various scenarios to make informed budgeting decisions.
  • At project inception – create your budget in Budget Builder, and Advanced Visibility compares your plan to the actuals up-to-the-minute and provides accurate forecasting.
  • Mid-project – use the metrics and forecasts provided by Advanced Visibility to view new scenarios and adjust your budget as needed.

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