Advanced Discovery Releases Search Tool Technology, Streamlining Processes by Generating Automatic Searches from Keywords and Phrases

Visibility Life Cycle Tracking

(PRWEB) February 04, 2014 Litigation support company adds two technology modules: Search Magnifier, which provides a better way to analyze and investigate search criteria across the EDRM, and Budget Builder, which enables an accurate estimate of the cost of upcoming projects. The functionality of Advanced Discovery’s Search Magnifier is unique to the eDiscovery industry. It streamlines the search process by automatically generating and executing multiple searches from the keywords or phrases input by the user. To generate the search queries, … Continue reading

The Power of Information – Part I

eDiscovery Budgeting - Money

  As eDiscovery matters increase in complexity, so does the value of real-time information. This entry is the first in our ongoing series on the ways to leverage eDiscovery Lifecycle Tracking and Document Review Metrics to gain control over discovery. Setting a Realistic Case Budget Data can inform budgeting for both discovery and the matter as a whole. With instantaneous access to the estimated cost, corporations and law firms have better visibility into current spending and make adjustments as necessary, … Continue reading

Advanced Discovery Launches Proprietary Tools to Track eDiscovery, Review Projects in Real Time

Discovery Tracking

Advanced Visibility and Advanced Review provide instant visual tracking to improve predictability, performance, and quality of ESI and document reviews, right inside Relativity® MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Advanced Discovery today announced the launch of two new specialized technology tools, Advanced Visibility and Advanced Review. These proprietary tools provide key information about document review and eDiscovery projects, visually and in real time. Both tools are plugged in to run right in kCura’s Relativity with a single login, are simple to use, … Continue reading

Gaining Full Value From Early Case Assessment Live Webinar!

ECA Webinar

Gaining Full Value From Early Case Assessment For many, Early Case Assessment means the filtering and culling of non-responsive electronic documents early in the discovery process. But reducing data sets is only a fraction of the value of an ECA program. Set Litigation Strategy Analyzing case data early can lead to a better litigation plan, an accelerated try/settle decision, and sometimes even a quick disposition with minimal costs. Build a Discovery Plan A solid discovery plan facilitates the best use … Continue reading

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Sign up for a one-on-one demonstration! “Maximizing Technology Without Compromising the Review” An interactive discussion with Advanced Discovery’s subject matter and technology experts discussing a Managed Attorney Review solution that uniquely focuses on: ·  Significantly reducing your review data set in a defensible manner ·  Using Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and Analytics to prioritize and accelerate the review ·  Reduce review costs by 75% or more ·  Increase quality for more accurate review Demo Location: Residence Inn National Harbor Washington, DC … Continue reading

The Risk Involved Using Key Word Searches for Filtering and Data Culling

Not all searches are created equal. Careful deliberation must be employed when using search methods to identify responsive, privileged or otherwise protected information to be withheld from production, such as in email discovery.  Even inadvertent disclosure to a third party may waive the privilege or protection if the proper precautions were not taken in crafting, testing and implementing a search – failure to identify and produce relevant documents may result in sanctions.  The search methods employed must be a combination … Continue reading

Improve Litigation Document Review Efficiency by Using Analytics

Adding speed and accuracy to document review. Intelligent technology has revolutionized review of discoverable data for use in litigation.  By employing proper search methodologies within a platform built for use of analytics, review speed can be greatly increased along with accuracy of the results.  The use of analytics for review efficiency is a critical focus of document review technologies in 2011. Technology should make things easier. The consultants at Advanced Discovery make rapidly evolving technology accessible, understandable and effective.  Our … Continue reading