Consulting Services

Our Clients Benefit from Our Years of Experience

The Advanced Discovery consulting team is comprised of experts with the experience to navigate the complexities of electronic discovery. Our consultants serve as valuable weapons in our clients’ arsenal, providing litigation preparedness and 26(f) conference preparation; at-issue data identification and location; forensic collection; document review and production; and attendance at hearings and conferences throughout the litigation. Our consulting services adapt to our clients’ needs, including cases involving complex or challenging circumstances.

The Advanced Discovery Consulting Team can offer time and expense-saving expertise during any of the following phases of discovery:

• Internal forensic investigations
• Policy review
• Data mapping

Litigation Preparedness
• Custodian identification
• Data prioritization
• Identification of threatened ESI

Litigation Reasonably Expected
• Identification of ESI
• Litigation hold and preservation methodologies

Litigation Commenced
• Incident response
• Complaint filing and response
• Rule 26 disclosures
• Rule 26 Meeting participation
• Rule 30 Witness preparation

Ongoing Litigation
• Discovery hearing participation and defense of processes and procedures
• Forensic collection of ESI, including subpoena
• Culling and filtering
• Search strategies
• ESI processing
• ECA and analytics
• Document-review strategies and management
• Responding to production requests
• Defense of EDD methodologies

Even if litigation has already commenced before we are engaged, our team can provide an assessment and provide ongoing guidance throughout the life of the case.

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