Early Case Assessment Using Clearwell

By partnering with Clearwell, we offer our clients the ability to complete early case assessment well before manual review. Clearwell’s e-Discovery platform was purposely¬† designed to provide a single integrated product for identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review, and production.

By using Clearwell’s e-Discovery search, both inside and outside counsel can easily and quickly access discussion threads, custodial documents and message attachments, allowing them to better determine their position on a case.

If you are looking for superior case knowledge, improved case strategy decisions and better preparation for the Meet and Confer, you need an early case assessment that performs the best, and earliest, in the e-Discovery process: Clearwell.

Clearwell can potentially save corporations and law firms millions of dollars by answering key questions early in the litigation process that allow them to develop an informed settle or go-to-court case strategy.

With Clearwell’s early case assessment, you’ll have the answers to these kinds of questions, and more:

  • Can we quickly find conclusive evidence of a crime?
  • Who knew what, and when?
  • Can we determine the key date ranges and key terms for the e-Discovery plan?
  • Have all the custodians relevant to the case been correctly identified?

Ensure you’re one step ahead of the competition with efficient, seamless early case assessment and e-Discovery.

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