Advanced Discovery’s exclusive, easy-to-use tools work right in Relativity to offer enhanced functions and features with a single login.


Examine real-time information at the touch of a button for full control of your discovery projects. read more


Reduce your data set and focus on information rather than data with deep insights into your metadata. read more


Helps with data normalization across multiple cases by providing a master database that uses a central control room to hold the work product from individual cases. read more


Make informed keyword selections by turning nine search steps into one, then including or excluding queries based on results.  read more


Manage costs and increase efficiency by processing once, then reusing data and work product as often as needed. read more


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“It’s exciting to see Advanced Discovery building unique workflows and applications to do more with our software, in addition to providing their clients with an exceptional Relativity experience,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. “We’re thrilled to recognize their achievement of Best in Service.”


Interactive Tracking

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Instant reporting and analysis from specialized views and pivots
  • Visual tracking of case metrics
  • Informed decision making throughout the process

Real-Time Information

  • Automated process reduces human errors
  • All information is accessible in one location
  • All information is timely and up-to-date

Expedited Data Access

  • Loads data into Relativity faster than any other tool
  • Accurately extracts data from virtually all file types
  • Provides extracted metadata and text for efficient culling and data minimization
  • Early, low cost access to any data set without the need to incur the full cost of native processing

Higher Efficiencies and Lower Costs

  • Analyze, search, cull, review and perform TAR on extracted text and metadata
  • Promote documents to native review on demand
  • Reduce the review set with near duplicate detection
  • Review conversations in context with email threading
  • Reduce costs with data reuse across multiple matters
  • Save time with work product reuse

Expert Support

  • Project managers inform, educate and advocate as your personal guides and advisors
  • Analytics experts harness the power available in our proprietary software and Relativity
  • Solution engineers raise efficiency
  • Experienced litigators guide your entire process

Advanced Discovery has a fast, cost effective system for data analysis, document review and legal discovery.