Advanced Discovery offers it’s clients a wide variety of data hosting services within our E-discovery products and litigation support.

Simplify with Advanced Discovery Data Hosting

Why pay absorbitant hosting fees when Advanced Discovery can offer you affordable data hosting while simultaneously tending to all of your e-discovery needs from litigation support, legal imaging, legal scanning, predictive analytics, and forensic investigation. In addition to all of the review and analysis, other examples include highly optimized data storage and high performance servers for high-speed hosting and processing. Internal cloud structures are more and more common. This allows them to take advantage of dense computing infrastructures.

High Security Data Hosting

Advanced Discovery offers the highest level of security for all your data hosting and eDiscovery needs. Utilizing a top notch staff and the leading eDiscovery Software Relativity, Advance Discovery helps companies and law firms collect, and classify electronically stored information (ESI). Our established brand has helped companies reduce the size of their data storage for review, saving time, money and maintenance.

Let Advanced Discovery help with your eDiscovery and Data Hosting needs today.