The multi-matter eDiscovery repository primed for data reuse: process once, review once, redact once and produce as many times as needed.

The cycle for corporations in serial litigation has always been: process, review, redact, log, produce and repeat. With DiscoveryCORE, the multi-matter eDiscovery repository by Advanced Discovery, this cycle is broken, reducing expenses, time and risk.

Pattern litigations, such as multi-jurisdictional product liability cases, are expensive and time consuming. These cases generally have overlapping custodians, collections, privileged information and productions. Now you can reuse your work product from one case across multiple matters.

The days of reactive eDiscovery are gone. Practice proactive eDiscovery with DiscoveryCORE.

  • Reduce spend: Eliminate reprocessing of data for multiple cases
  • Shorten review time: Save key information such as privilege decisions, key issues or notes to share across matters
  • Increase control: Manage separate matters in one database
  • Gain transparency: Get in-depth reporting and analysis across matters: Review rates, cost/budget tracking, data patterns and custodian tracking
  • Reuse evidentiary data: Leverage prior work product
  • Boost intelligence: Retain global document history and institutional knowledge
  • Expedite eDiscovery: Begin review more quickly
  • Proceed with confidence: Forecast risk and resources based on previous cases

DiscoveryCORE was designed to manage costs and increase efficiency by processing once, then re-using data as often as needed. Employing this central repository and database, you can base the decision to proceed with a matter on the strength of your case rather than the cost of eDiscovery.

Learn how DiscoveryCORE can organize your data into a ready state for future matters.

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Reduce Costs with Data Reuse

  • Collect data only once
  • Process documents only once
  • Populate matter-specific databases from the central database

Save Time with Work Product Reuse

  • Reuse relevance calls across related matters
  • View comments from previous reviews
  • Use search, culling, review and production notes to inform future matters

Reduce Risk with Privilege Call Reuse

  • Quickly identify documents previously coded as privileged
  • Maintain privilege code consistency across multiple matters
  • Reuse redactions for multiple productions