Advanced Discovery’s document review process uses e-discovery and predictive analytics for efficient and effective litigation document review saving client’s money and time culling through the data themselves or using low end cost cutting software.

Cost Saving Document Review

The excessive cost of legal document review constitutes by far the largest portion of the expense of the e-discovery process. Anyone who works on large document reviews understands the flood of information that flows in from a large volume of data can be overwhelming, which is why Advanced Discovery utilizes predictive analytics to cut data processing time down and keep costs in-line. The risks associated with the preservation and collection phase of e-discovery can often drive decisions that lead to increase costs, but by utilizing Advanced Discovery for documentation review it frees up time and budget for leading law firms and large companies.

Document Review with Incredible Turnaround Time

Tight deadlines involved in litigation frequently lead firms to utilizing overpriced services and technologies, but with Advanced Discoveries scalable services, the legal document review process is decreased as we take advantage of flexible workflows, integrated analytics, predictive coding and more to reduce lead time and costs. Our successful and experienced team knows what to look for and how to research. With seasoned vets at the helm leading our research teams, extensive and accurate document review can be undertaken with maximum efficiency.

Advanced Discovery wants our clients to focus on their priorities while we dedicate ourselves to effective and efficient document review.