Advanced Discovery provides leading EDD Services by using superior E-Discovery technologies alongside the industries top talent, thus creating a superior team to effectively and quickly identify, collect, and process pertinent electronic data.

Highly Scalable EDD Services

Advanced Discovery features a highly scalable data center infrastructure that allows us to grow as more searchable electronic evidence is provided. Our timely and efficient production team thrives on large volume and time sensitive projects. The senior project managers will incorporate the technical and personnel resources necessary, on a case by case basis, and will customize a workflow designed to meet the objectives of any given project that requires electronic data discovery.

Timely EDD Services

Since the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) states that electronic discovery or E-Discovery must commence immediately upon filing of an action, Advanced Discovery’s EDD services are immediately ready and include detailed collecting from thousands of desktop and mobile devices. Our EDD process includes all mobile devices from iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Androids to obscure devices and mass marketed electronic mobile devices. All data is collected from both active data and archival forms of media, internet history, file access history, and USB device activity.

High Risk Management EDD Service

Electronic Data Discovery‘s main use is to produce inaccessible data so it can be used in court or for whatever purpose it is needed. Collection procedures for many types of legal matters such as theft of intellectual property or trade secrets, employment cases, fraud and white collar crime, bankruptcy and insolvency, class action cases, internal investigations on behalf of in-house and outside counsel, judicial or regulatory inquiries on behalf of or in response to DOJ, SEC, FTC requests.

Legal experts entrust Advanced Discovery to manage EDD Services offering high risk management with timely and affordable solutions.