With the rapid growth of technology and the speed at which we have grown accustom to conducting business, the benefits of using e-Discovery for forensic investigations has grown just as fast. The need for professional, technical, and analytical support in civil litigation is only going to continue to grow in the years to come.

Benefits for Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigation benefits include uncovering, collecting, and analyzing forensic recovery of deleted data and carving out documents from unallocated spaces on all matters of storage media for investigation purposes. A document review platform is used for overwhelming amounts of electronically stored information, or ESI, in any forensic investigation in this day and age. Working with the client, parameters are established based upon their needs and any relevant data is placed in legal hold so it can’t be destroyed. It is then reviewed and processed internally before being produced for the client in any format needed.

Detailed Forensic Investigation Process

No detail is left uncovered with our finely tuned process, ensuring all forensic investigations include a detailed and accurate analysis of a multitude of areas, including financial information extraction, investigation of trademarks and copyrighted material, search for transfers of trade secrets, hold letters, timeline analysis, data processing and more, to ensure your deposition and witness preparation are complete. Additionally, all pertinent data is electronically stored in a realistic, easy to manage and cost-effective manner.

Our litigation support has helped forensic investigation experts cull through millions of lines of data and pages of content, streamlining the investigative process.