Advanced Discovery’s legal imaging service converts all types of documents to images and storing those images in an electronic database enables your team to search, view and print only the necessary documents, saving you valuable time and energy on preparing a case for court. Employing special-purpose imaging tools for supporting complex projects is available for our clients.

Flexible Legal Imaging

Legal imaging allows you to be search, identify, copy, file, and organize your documents and images, providing you with instant access to any one of thousands or even millions of pages with a few keystrokes. Legal imaging also offers major cost and time savings with the improved accuracy of new search technologies. Advanced Discovery uses the latest in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This is the process of translating and converting image files into a usable and manipulated file that searches instantly. The OCR process is impacted by the quality of the images and format of the text. Creating a version of an image file, you are taking a static image file and giving it a purpose while saving you time and money in your document review.

Multi-format Legal Imaging

Advanced Discovery legal imaging service supports hundreds of various file formats both active and obsolete, so that you can transition any format document into a standard format you wish to use, allowing you more flexibility when it comes to searching for the documents you need most. By allowing us to extract all obtainable metadata from any legal image, we can export the text to easy to use searchable formats that both you and your firm can easily access.

When you need images scanned, converted and cataloged, reach out to Advanced Discovery for your legal imaging needs.