Archival Legal Scanning Made Easy

Advanced Discovery provides archival legal scanning services to companies and organizations that want to reduce the volume of paper they have to store. From offices that have thousands of old patient files, to an accounting firm that needs to maintain records for a period of years, to a government agency with strict documentation policies, there are potentially millions of pages of paper being archived in basements and warehouses. With our legal archival scanning service, our staff can scan the documents, maintaining the integrity of folders or other documents, and provide you with a CD containing these images. Legal scanning is completely confidential and all work is performed on a secure site. From protecting your files, to legal document scanning, it is done with digital copiers that provide the highest level of image capturing such Bates labeling, Acco binding, document labeling, electronic document scanning and storage, color copying, or on-demand printing. This can save storage costs and time when documents need to be found and used. Document Indexing is the process of gathering important data from many different images. IT Professionals can index document collections ranging in size from a few to several thousand documents. Document collection of image and file indexing is adapted for each project because it is necessary to get exact information that will be the most crucial to your litigation and case support.

Multi-Location Legal Scanning

Advanced Discovery has full-service production facilities in Los Angeles, Century City, Orange County, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and San Jose, California; plus Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Kansas City, Kansas. These multiple locations enable us to copy or convert your hard-copy documents into image-based files, provide document-level or logical unitization to your exact specifications, OCR the images to make the documents text-searchable, provide both domestic and offshore bibliographic coding services, as well as blowbacks of digital files to paper.

Advanced Discovery delivers a complete selection of paper discovery services including ORC, scanning, coding and other offerings related to litigation support.