Advanced Discovery approaches litigation support with each client’s needs in mind, creating a detailed strategy for data compiling and sorting. This allows legal teams to maximize their effectiveness with their available digital assets gathered through Advanced Discovery’s electronic discovery process.

Advanced Case by Case Litigation Support Strategies

We know timelines can be tight and our streamlined support strategy allows our clients to focus their time, energy, resources, and budget on being more effective on case management and analysis, while utilizing Advanced Discovery for litigation support. Our tightly managed ediscovery process uses interactive analysis and multi-pass filtering to produce significantly higher cull rate, not only reducing the quantity of documents to review, but also highlights key case analysis, providing you with cleaner and more usable data quicker.

Litigation Support that is Cost Effective

With our high cull rates your company has less documents to review saving you labor hours. Additionally, our shortened database hosting timeline allows for quicker review, providing you with a better understanding of your data. With our improved analysis data, firms have an early understanding of their evidentiary data, allowing them to move forward quickly, efficiently, and more important with amazing accuracy.

Leading Litigation Support by Advanced Discovery

At Advanced Discovery, we know that all cases are widely different and every case has it’s own unique strategy. That is why our litigation support provides the highest level of electronic discovery evaluation in every situation. Along the way our team will educate the clients of the pros and cons of the technical aspects of their data so the defense team can make the most accurate and informed decision. Advanced Discovery team members leave no stone unturned in their litigation support role, analyzing a wide variety of multimedia and electronically stored data such as emails, digital photography, internet browsing history, deleted text messages, general computer activity, financial files, server logs, cell phones, instant messages, website activity, web pages, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, video from DVRs and cameras, applications and hacking tools and techniques. The value Advanced Discovery provides with its litigation support is highly regarded by clients around the world.