ALM’s LTN Sean Doherty: Unpacking LegalTech New York 2014: E-Discovery, Litigation Support

Friday, February 28, 2014

After receiving a demo, Sean Doherty, with Legal Technology News, wanted to let the legal community know about our exciting modules added to Advanced Visibility 2.1.

Click here to view full article: ALM’s LTN Sean Doherty’s LegalTech New York coverage.


Legal professionals include lawyers and paralegals, but generally not computer engineers and scientists. Legal professionals want legal technology and computing to be easy so they can focus on the business and practice of law. Vendors are listening and making easy complex e-discovery tasks using advanced graphical user interfaces and visualization tools that summarize and display aggregate and complex data.

AV-300x300Advanced Discovery, an e-discovery software provider, enhanced views of e-discovery data analysis and document review for the popular review platform kCura Relativity at LTNY. AD also unveiled stand-alone Web views of e-discovery with its new Advanced Visibility version 2.1 release. The new release, based on HTML5, adds support for all Web browsers, an iPad version, an updated graphical dashboard and two new tools: Search Magnifier and Budget Builder.

AD’s Search Magnifier overlays and makes easy complex DT search strategies comprising multiple Boolean and proximity searches using keywords and phrases. The search tool allows you to add and remove entire search strategies to hone search results that can be viewed quickly with hit highlights. Search result statistics include word and document hit counts along with unique document hit counts.

AD’s Budget Builder is designed to build or modify an e-discovery budget at any task along the Electronic Discovery Reference Model from early case assessment to production. You can create a budget and view various scenarios prior to engaging e-discovery and adjust the budget as you compare your forecast to actual numbers as the project ensues—all in a rich graphical user interface.

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