Law Technology News Article: Advanced Discovery Featured in What’s New From LegalTech NY 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013


What’s New From LegalTech New York  

By Sean Doherty
Law Technology News, February 6, 2013

At LegalTech New York, there were plenty of new products and services, enhancements to existing products and services, and more ways to conduct computer-assisted review, technology-assisted review, or predictive coding than fortune tellers at a carnival.

There were upwards of 12,000 attendees, according to Henry Dicker, vice president of events and executive director of LegalTech. That would make for another record breaking LTNY, not counting the untold number of ” tree people” at the show who quartered in surrounding hotels to demonstrate products and woo potential customers.

Many people have asked me “How was the show?” and “What was the coolest thing you saw at the show?” Let’s take a look:


Mountain View, Calif.-based Advanced Discovery launched two new free electronic data discovery tools for its customers who use kCura’s Relativity review platform: Advanced Visibility and Advanced Review. Both run in Relativity’s web interface with a single login, but do not impact Relativity’s performance because they run on a separate platform and use their own version of Microsoft SQL.

Advanced Visibility tracks all phases of discovery projects, including the input of data from forensic programs such as Guidance Software’s EnCase Forensic and AccessData’s FTK. Features include real-time information and visual, drill-down case and document review tracking. Visibility offers general counsel drill-down, dashboard views of document review projects, including cost breakdowns and review statistics. Reports can be exported in .csv format — more export option s are expected in version 1.2 that will be out in March.

Click image to enlarge
Figure 1 shows Advanced Discovery’s dashboard view in kCura Relativity’s web interface. Click image to enlarge.

Advanced Review is designed to analyze and report on document review projects to improve predictability, performance, and quality. Features include the ability to create budgets and time lines and surface review metrics and analysis to make staffing decisions and improve the defensibility of sampling and testing in computer-assisted document review.

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Figure 2 shows Advanced Discovery’s view into document review within kCura Relativity. Click image to enlarge.

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