Our Data Centers

ESI for eDiscovery often contains sensitive and valuable corporate information. Our data centers and security practices protect your data from unauthorized access and inadvertent loss.


Kansas Site Security

The subterranean location of our SOC 2 Type II audited data center affords a level of security, stability and flexibility with which ground-level sites simply cannot compete.

  • Limestone structure 3x stronger than concrete
  • Physically protected from natural and deliberate disasters
  • Green environment with up to 50% reduction in cooling energy requirements
  • Concealed site
  • Restricted, guarded entry
  • Biometric access

DC Site Security

This SOC 2 Type II audited data center houses data centers for government agencies, enterprise companies, major universities, cloud computing and IT service providers.

  • Key card access
  • Biometric scanners
  • Mantrap entries
  • Perimeter and interior IP-DVR cameras
  • 24x7x365 security guard monitoring
  • Controlled site access

Network Security

The Advanced Discovery network sits behind enterprise-class firewalls, and we rely on a cybersecurity and networking company that builds and secures networks for organizations around the world for 24x7x365 monitoring by live engineers.

  • Security analysts who provide real-time monitoring
  • Inbound and outbound network traffic monitoring for anomalous activity
  • Log analysis and incident management of network and security issues
  • Rapid problem detection, analysis and resolution

Data Security

We have established policies and procedures to maintain data security.

  • Data remains in the data center. (The only time data leaves the data center is when we ship original media or production drives to a client.)
  • All data-processing activity by Advanced Discovery’s ESI engineers is performed remotely via our firewalled VPN.
  • All data in motion (virtual and physical) is encrypted using SSL encryption.

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Two Secure, Highly Available Data Centers


One enshrined in a fortress of limestone 125 feet below the Midwest prairie

One at the center of the capital in the K Street Corridor

All non-U.S. client data managed in an ISO 27001 secured data center (London)