Advanced Discovery Means Innovative Technology

We use the most powerful eDiscovery tools on the market that we’ve turbocharged with our own platform – Advanced Discovery CompleteSM – that delivers dramatically improved data ingestion, the ability to reuse work product and complete transparency into your projects.

With our innovative and patent-pending technology, we acquire data earlier, get it in front of your team sooner, guide your team through targeted review faster, and meet your obligations quicker.

Advanced Discovery CompleteSM


  • From single matters – to managed review services for multi-matter, serial litigation; process once, review once and produce as many times as needed.
  • Cloud-based, vendor-neutral technology, integrated with patent-pending applications
  • Secure and scalable infrastructure
  • Proprietary dashboards and analytics reporting
  • Automated and proprietary QC processes
  • Expert advisors to guide and optimize client engagements

Intelligent Processing PlatformSM

Examine your data sooner to cull data sets, build discovery plans, develop litigation strategies and reduce costs 30%-90%

  • Speed — 100’s of GB’s ready in a matter of hours
  • Built-in workflows — Proven, pre-loaded workflows drive efficient processing of widest set of data types
  • Dynamic indexing — New data is automatically added to the index
  • Pre-set custom views — Pick list of views, pivots and reports reduces time
  • Deduplication flexibility — Variable custodian priority order streamlines production
  • Push to review — Automatically push documents to matters for review

Intelligent VaultSM

The industry’s most advanced multi-matter eDiscovery repository lets you reuse work product and redactions across cases to lower cost and mitigate risk

  • Automatically store and sync all activity and work product in the central repository
  • Seed new cases with pre-existing tags and comments for substantial review savings
  • Boost intelligence by tracking cross-matter metrics
  • Eliminate errors stemming from repeated examination of the same material by different reviewers
  • Reduce risk by using past matters to predict or estimate upcoming caseloads
  • Shorten review time, lower long-term storage costs and reduce total spend

Advanced VisibilitySM

Gain key business intelligence to manage, schedule and budget your eDiscovery projects accurately and enhance economy

  • Targeted dashboards for document and data metrics, production information and review progress
  • Real-time transparency across caseloads so you can control your budget and schedule
  • Gain insight with detailed data analytics and forecasting tools
  • Manage review teams and coordinate with counsel using real-time progress updates
  • Collaboration between client, counsel and Advanced Discovery experts
  • Single login, single interface, easy to use

If you would like more information or a demo of our complete eDiscovery solution, contact us today and an expert advisor will respond shortly.

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