PaperDiscoveryWhen Paper Matters

Electronic data is growing exponentially, but paper-based evidence remains vital in many situations. For quality, responsive support for paper discovery as well as e-discovery, leading law firms and corporate legal departments choose Advanced Discovery. Why?

We understand your discovery requirements

Our business is discovery. One of the nation’s leading providers of both electronic and paper discovery services, we have more 20 years of experience in the paper discovery business.

We have the resources to support all your paper discovery needs

Our experienced team includes more than 200 people on site in our 24/7 production centers—backed by advanced equipment and technology.

We serve clients nationwide through facilities in Los Angeles, Century City, Orange County, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and San Jose, California; plus Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Kansas City, Missouri; Washington, DC; New York City, New York; and Dallas, Texas.

We pride ourselves on service

Whatever your needs or deadline, we are ready to work with you—and to provide seamless coordination for your paper discovery and e-discovery needs.

We deliver quality work, period

Every project goes through our four-point quality control check to ensure accuracy. Our processes and standards also provide the highest level of security for your confidential data.

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Large, complex projects or straightforward and small—we handle them all:

Document scanning & related services

  • Black/white, color & oversize documents
  • Image numbering (EBS)
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Database scanning support
  • LDD & coding services
  • Remote location scanning (on-site)

Digital prints (blowbacks)

  • Prints from various media and various file types, including TIFF, PDF & JPEG
  • File conversion to print
  • Native file printing
  • Document reconstruction

Document photocopying & related services

  • Black/white, color & oversize reproduction
  • Document labeling (“Bates” labeling)
  • Exhibit page labeling
  • Remote location copying (on-site)

Other paper-related services

  • Trial board creation
  • Witness kit preparation
  • Issue kit preparation
  • Bindery services including GBC, Velo & Acco binds
  • Legal supplies, including binders, standard and custom tabs, and folders
  • Audio tape duplication
  • VHS/DVD/CD duplication
  • X-ray duplication