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Processing is more than simply creating a “load file” for your review database or document production. Processing is a vital step in the ingestion of data after a defensible collection, where data analytics, de-nisting, de-duplication and other data reduction take place prior to document review.  Without processing, there is no data for document review, requests for production or any other part of “eDiscovery.”


The mission of Advanced Discovery’s ESI Processing team is to enhance the processing workflow by enhancing industry best practices for speed and accuracy.

Software Certifications Degrees & Professional Certifications
LAW Pre-Discovery
Computer Science
Information Technology
Computer Certified Examiners

The ESI Processing team industry proven technology to reduce data volumes and prepare data for third-party systems or hosting in Relativity.

Our team employs methodologies such as date culling, domain filtering, and high level pre-culling to deliver the fastest processing available to our clients.

Advanced Discovery provides standard and customizable reports.

  • Demonstrate proportionality
  • Prove undue burden
  • Defend discovery processes before the court
  • Track data progress
  • Gather metrics for future matters

Advanced Discovery Processing Services

  • Early Case Data Assessment to narrow data to relevant ESI
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Advanced Visibility and Search Magnifier to understand your data
  • Integration with computer forensics to ensure collection to review uses defensible best practices
  • Custom Scripts for Production Requirements
  • Experience with government productions to the SEC & DOJ
  • Standardized Exceptions and Exotic Data reporting
  • Established procedures for Mac data and Social Media

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Our data center is measured in terabytes and petabytes, not gigabytes. Advanced Discovery handles some of the largest matters in the industry.


Case Study

How Do You Handle 1.4 Terabytes for Processing?

The ESI Processing Team used IPRO eCapture to process a total of 1.4TB of native data after uncompressing the data, de-duplicating it, and performing supplemental OCR. 40 professionals were dedicated to this project.

kCura Relativity was used for native review with selected files converted to TIFF for redaction. After review, the blended production of 1,161,048 Native Files and 3,390,772 Tiffs was created over four days and produced within 24 hours.The total production was 52.3 GB.


Case Study

What Do You Do With 83 Custodians?

Over 8 Terabytes of data were collected from 83 custodians. This amounted to 12 million records imported into LAW Pre-Discovery for early case assessment and processing. Within 3 days, we began promoting nearly 700,000 files into Relativity for native review. Following the review, we created 2.3 million static images for production.