Advanced Discovery can tailor electronic productions to any specifications, including production of native or image-based files, export load files (with metadata) and custom production specifications.

Native Productions

Documents can be produced in their native format and custom named with control-number naming and/or confidentiality designation. We can also provide a mixture of image-based and native documents (e.g. Excel spreadsheets) in one load, with metadata scrubbing available on native files prior to production.

Image-Based Productions

Native documents can be converted to TIFF or PDF format for production. TIFF conversion options include black-and-white Group IV TIFFs, color TIFF/JPG format or a combination of black-and-white/color formats (optimal palette). We can modify TIFFing options per file type and perform custom formatting. Redacted documents can also be integrated seamlessly into productions, and advanced image Bates stamping, confidentiality endorsement and watermark options available.

Export Load Files/Metadata

We can provide all common metadata fields as well as custom-scripted field data, and we can create export load files for all common litigation support tools, including CSV, DAT, EDRM XML, as well as Ringtail, CaseMap, Trial Director, Sanction, Concordance, Relativity and Summation load files.

Custom Workflow

We utilize various litigation support platforms which allow us the option to perform productions from variety of different tools (e.g. Relativity, LAW, IPRO, etc.) to meet any workflow needs and specifications.

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