The Project Management Team

Every litigation team needs a champion. In electronic discovery, deadlines, accuracy and cost are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In addition, litigators are focused on winning the negotiations or the judgment. They need the support of a team member who can keep things on track toward success. The highly experienced project managers at Advanced Discovery collaborate with our clients to foresee potential roadblocks, keep the projects running smoothly and make adjustments when necessary.

Relativity Certified Administrators (RCAs)

Our project managers are Relativity certified administrators (RCAs). This certification ensures that your case administrator understands all aspects of the Relativity platform and can customize it to meet the needs of your specific matter. Annual re-certifications mean RCAs are conversant in the latest features available within the tool.

Hands-on Guides

Your dedicated PM helps to define workflows, run searches, generate custom reports and provide expert advice across the lifecycle of the project. She is in the system with you daily as your guide and an integral team member.

Skilled Trainers

Though our contract review attorneys are all experienced Relativity users, you will most certainly have in-house attorneys who are not. Advanced Discovery’s PMs are gifted trainers who will get your reviewers up and running quickly.

Litigation Experience

More than half of our PMs are licensed attorneys who practiced complex civil litigation. They have first-hand discovery experience. Our PMs understand the responsibilities our clients shoulder and work daily to proactively relieve those burdens.

A Team Effort

Advanced Discovery has built a client services department of 30 highly experienced professionals. Within the department, each PM is a member of a multi-layered support group. Client service managers, with at least 10 years of experience, direct the teams and are responsible for oversight. We split our project management personnel into regional groups, East Coast and West Coast teams, to provide advanced level support from 7:00 a.m. Eastern time until 7:00 p.m. Pacific time. Relativity support analysts provide off-hour assistance. All are certified and experts in the Advanced Discovery workflows.

Client Satisfaction is Our Goal

The goal of our project management team is to provide client satisfaction. It’s working. Eighty-five percent of our work comes from repeat clients. They come back because Advanced Discovery makes it easy to get through eDiscovery projects.

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Our Team of Experts Will:

  • Work with you to identify potentially relevant ESI and manage your risks 
associated with collections
  • Help you to design the right workflow 
to meet your project’s goals and objectives
  • Provide fully optimized and customized solutions utilizing the latest, most flexible technology
  • Train you in the most current software and best practices
  • Give you a guided workflow using analysis, traditional review and effective use of analytics
  • Provide consistent and responsive communication
  • Keep you informed on new legal rulings and compliance procedures
  • Provide budget-predictable pricing with zero hardware/ software expenditures
  • Ensure you receive the highest level of customer service