Advanced Discovery licenses Relativity as a Premium Hosting Partner. As a swift and scalable e-Discovery review platform, Relativity provides simple and flexible systems for legal teams to interpret and utilize case data.


Among review platforms, Relativity is not just an industry leader—they have raised the bar on flexibility. With the ability to design custom workflow rules and best practices, case teams can minimize the possibility of fluctuating review decisions. Relativity provides users to create, manage and audit a system that meets their team’s requirements, whether they are dealing with multiple parties or designing a complicated multi-layered review using in-house support. In order to manage tasks and records such as pleadings and court documents, track events related to the case (including training, time sheets, chain of custody, etc.) and develop timelines, Relativity allows users to create custom databases separate from the software’s review workflow, and link them to documents and information in the review database.


Relativity has created a product where anything and everything in the system can be secured, including users, tags, metadata, documents—even highlights and redactions. System administrators can customize how they grant and deny any of the permissions and, by presenting case teams with only the options applicable to them, productivity is increased while costs for document review are decreased. The same collection of data can be used in limited or expanded formats, Relativity eliminates the need for recreating the same database for different tasks.

Text Analytics

By searching and organizing document sets, Relativity’s Analytics allows users to review and identify vital documents in a case at an increased rate. Search results quickly separate out potentially unresponsive documents and will automatically group documents, uncover similar documents and confirm the consistency of document review decisions, depending on how and where similar ideas and concepts intersect in a document collection. Without changing their existing system of document coding, review teams can increase their speed and improve accuracy without learning a new methodology.


With Pivot, Relativity’s suite of data-visualization tools, the key data in your case can be analyzed to uncover trends and patterns. By using the visually displayed results and interactive charts, Pivot enables the client to drill down and act on subsets of documents, including batching documents for review, excluding irrelevant documents from the grouping or exporting the findings in reports. Pivot doesn’t just work in the early stages of e-Discovery, the time that this analysis is usually associated. With Pivot, data visualization can be used throughout the entire case, providing increased insight and the ability to make decisions more quickly, from the investigative stages right through to deposition.

Foreign Language Support

Relativity understands that in today’s business world, the ability to handle multiple languages is crucial to document review applications. With several tools to meet the requirements of foreign language document review and management, Relativity allows users to review foreign languages in their native format. Not just Unicode compliant, Relativity also supports a large range of other source encoding types to provide comprehensive support, including the use of TIFFing and OCR regardless of the document language.


With fully integrated production tools, Relativity aids case teams in hitting production deadlines by providing versatile options for creating, managing, tracking and exporting productions. Produce documents in a variety of industry-standard formats to match case-specific production specifications, including single- and multiple-page TIFF, color JPEG, PDF and native file formats. Because Relativity maintains a log of all production activity, it allows for users to rename native files for production purposes and view produced copies of documents alongside the original documents.


With Relativity, users can create applications without requiring any programming or web hosting knowledge, allowing them to manage tasks and information to enhance large-scale review and case and matter management, plus provide a platform for the review of structured data. Most importantly, it allows users to solve problems beyond review and additional litigation support challenges.

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