Make informed keyword selections by turning nine search steps into one, then including or excluding queries based on results

Why we created Search Magnifier

The project managers at Advanced Discovery work with clients like you daily. They know that creating and running several versions of your keyword searches can be extremely time consuming. Keeping track of the search results to develop the best plan is another chore.

Advanced Discovery’s Search Magnifier is unique to the eDiscovery industry

  • It automatically generates and executes multiple searches from the users’ keywords or phrases
  • Search Magnifier applies multiple Boolean and proximity operators to the input terms and delivers statistics in an interactive table
  • It delivers multiple scenarios to support the decision making process
  • Search Magnifier is incorporated into Advanced Discovery’s eDiscovery management tools, which augments
    kCura’s Relativity

The Advanced Discovery search experts are here to guide you

  • Our project managers are fully trained in Search Magnifier
  • Your project manager will help you understand results to inform your decisions
  • We support you 24/7 weekdays and weekends because deadlines don’t wait

What was formerly a nine-step process is now a single step


iPad compatible

Works with all web browsers
Displays interactive results tables
Instantly displays results statistics:

  • Word hit count
  • Document hit count
  • Unique documents count

6 searches from a single input pair

Interactive results statistics

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