Example Quotes I’d like to see for us.

“Achieving the benefits of early case assessment and in-house e-discovery depends on an enterprise-class e-discovery product and a well-defined e-discovery workflow. Any product that includes best-practice workflows and pre-defined templates delivers a compelling way for legal professionals to take control over their e-discovery process and deliver cost savings to their organizations.”
Shawn Cheadle
General Counsel, Surveillance & Navigation Systems
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co

“Given the amount of time we spend manually analyzing & reviewing electronic information, we expect our Clearwell deployment to deliver millions of dollars in cost savings related to future investigations.”
John Petruzzi
Director, Enterprise Security
Constellation Energy

“Using Clearwell drastically cut our document review time and enabled us to respond rapidly and with confidence to regulatory inquiries. This resource allowed our Legal team to respond quickly and efficiently. We were able to apply our resources to support TRC’s more strategic initiatives, like structuring effective reinsurance programs and building solutions that help our clients.”
Edward Kelley
Assistant General Counsel
Transatlantic Reinsurance Company

“E-discovery costs are a significant portion of litigation costs. With the implementation of Clearwell, we are further streamlining our e-discovery processes, starting with early case assessment, intelligent and appropriate minimization and search.”
Rich Wallis
Deputy General
Counsel of Litigation

“There’s no way we could have kept up with our current rate of demand with our previous toolkit. Clearwell has been instrumental in helping us manage our in-house e-discovery practice, saving NBC Universal valuable resources in people’s time and money.”
Jonathan Chow
Chief Information Security Officer
NBC Universa

“After analyzing our expenses, it became obvious that we could more affordably conduct our e-discovery in-house, assuming we could find the best solutions to support our process–that criteria led us to choose the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform.”
Jonathan Chow
Chief Information Security Officer
NBC Universa

“OIG is capitalizing on cutting-edge electronic discovery tools to maximize investigative efficiency in the processing and review of voluminous electronic evidence… [that] enables OIG to analyze large quantities of email or other electronic documents more efficiently.”
Timothy Menke
DHHS Deputy Inspector General
before Congress, March 4, 2010
Department of Health and Human Services