Better Technology Reduces Downstream Costs and Timelines

Our Intelligent Processing Platform and Intelligent Vault streamline the elements of the eDiscovery process that have the most influence on downstream project costs and timelines. Comparisons show that our technology delivers 2X faster processing of full native file data sets vs. leading industry alternatives.

In addition to reducing costs, you’ll save time and increase quality—by:

  • Eliminating the need to reload the same data over and over
  • Preserving work product which reduces the number and degrees of review

Advanced Discovery’s processing and hosting are fully integrated—which means you benefit from time-saving, error-reducing interconnectivity between multiple industry-standard review platforms, including Relativity, Ipro Eclipse and any other SQL-based tools.

About the Intelligent Processing Platform

  • Real-time data uploading: Customized ADD streaming directly to the Intelligent Vault, Advanced Discovery’s custom data repository.
  • Optimization for full 100% native file processing: Higher quality de-duplication, extraction and filtering results.
  • Intelligence-prepped data: Intelligent Processing means faster and more efficient ECA for quicker and more relevant analytics.
  • Scalable: On-demand allocation of capacity, capable of satisfying all customer requests.
  • Highly secure: Integrated into multiple SOC 2 Type II dedicated data centers.

About the Intelligent Vault

  • Rapid start on new matters: On-demand hosting scalability for single and
    multi-matter management: Current implementation for client with over 600
    new matters monthly.
  • Expedited ECA: Analytics and reporting tools optimized by intelligence-prepped data and custom objects.
  • Flexible matter-specific security and accessibility: Configurable for Dedicated, Designated and Shared SOC 2 Type II data center hosting environments; optimized for managed service solutions.
  • Architected for re-use of Attorney Work Product: Maintain and re-use work product, including responsive, non-responsive, privilege status and predictive and manual coding. Nearline data archiving of prior matters with on-demand reactivation.
  • Cross-matter metrics: Centrally hosted multi-matter data repository integrated with Advanced Visibility for custom dashboards and reporting.
  • Improved eDiscovery predictability: Consistent processes, price, and data security protocols across multiple matters.
Processing and Hosting Specifications
  • Custom integration of Ipro Automated Digital Discovery (ADD)
  • Optimized for and integrated into multiple high security SOC 2 Type 2 environments
  • Patent-pending automated quality control, Intelligent QC, designed to eliminate data discrepancies throughout the discovery process
  • Patent-pending Intelligent Messaging Normalization to optimize the review of standard SMS platforms
  • Single-instance storage
  • SaaS-based
  • Custom SQL protocols for on-demand and real-time push to new Relativity review database(s)
  • Custom object integration for more efficient ECA
Where Legacy eDiscovery Lags

Documents and data overlap in case after case, driving up costs and risk of error as the same information must be processed and reviewed multiple times. Our powerful Intelligent VaultSM is a multi-matter eDiscovery repository primed for data reuse across related matters—saving precious time and cost.

How Advanced Discovery Helps

You process data, review and redact data just once—then produce as many times as needed for as many matters as needed—resulting in significant savings in time, reduction in errors and improved cost control.



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