White Papers

A Deep Dive into Analytics

Understanding Relativity Analytics with Tips on Augmenting Them with Custom Objects and Pivots. Click here to read more and download the paper.

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Top 10 Advantages of Discovery Tracking in Real Time

eDiscovery matters have become incredibly complex; the key is to access detailed project information at all times. Click here to down load the Top 10 Advantages of Discovery Tracking in Real Time















The Evolution of Early Case Assessment

The explosion of data may have changed the tactics, but the goals of early case assessment remain in place. To learn how to deploy ECA to develop a litigation strategy, establish a discovery plan, and reduce costs by up to 99% click here: The Evolution of Early Case Assessment















Creating Effective Document Review Processes: Real-World Success Stories

Document review of ESI often represents the most time-intensive, costly aspect of discovery. In order to review documents in a cost-effective, defensible manner, legal teams must build and implement processes designed to optimize staffing, project management, technology and facilities management. See how a focus on each of these areas has led to success in a series of document review projects. Click here to download.