Validating eDiscovery Analytics with Magic and Dragons – Encore Presentation from RelativityFest

Friday, January 12, 2018

Time to move past 2001.  Enron is so, well … 17 years ago.  Yet, the Enron data set has been the “go to” set of email for eDiscovery training – and demos.  While the publicly available documents are a great tool for demos to clients – a few of our Advanced Discovery expert advisors recently got a little creative in a standing room-only presentation at the most recent Relativity Fest in Chicago.

As self-proclaimed nerds, Relativity Master, Sarah Cole, and Relativity Expert, Julia Helmer, decided to combine some personal interests with their passion for eDiscovery analytics.  Their presentation, Revisiting Validating Analytics with Magic and Dragons, used the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones series to create a database used to showcase the value of conceptual analytics, including clustering, keyword expansion, concept searching and categorization, among others.

SPOILER ALERT: The dynamic duo even leveraged their analytics expertise to help discover and uncover the parentage of Tyrion Lannister.

Some comments from attendees:

“Who knew analytics could be so much fun.”

“Truly awesome. Hope they continue to use the analysis they did on GOT, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. So much more interesting than Enron.  Boom!”

” You could tell how much effort went into preparing for this session.”

“Seriously one of the best sessions I’ve been to. It was fun and informative!”

“Great presentation! They need a bigger room to fit more people!”

Well, we’ve decided to create a virtual room so all can attend an encore presentation, including new fan theories so that those who attended at the Fest can attend again.

The live webinar is happening January 18th at 1PM EDT/12PM CDT.  Click to register for this event.

Analytics – both structured and conceptual – are critical eDiscovery tools with which to reduce and prioritize documents for review.  Between our patent-pending workflows and use of analytics, we have a benchmark of 90% reduction on expanded file sets – or a 10% average of documents pushed to review.  That varies by sector and matter type.  For example, technology related matters typically achieve 96% file reduction.  Click to see our complete list of industry benchmarks for file reduction using analytics and other tools.

Regardless of your industry or prior experience with analytics, Sarah and Julia will expand your understanding with a fun and engaging presentation.  See you in the Seven Kingdoms, Middle Earth or 4 Privet Drive on the 18th!

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