The Convergence of GRC and eDiscovery

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Before documents and data become evidence in litigation, they are already accessible within a company’s vast data repository as risk. Having an early warning risk smoke detector to discover issues before they engulf an organization’s bottom line and reputation is the future of just-in-time predictive risk management.

Transformational market trends are driving the convergence of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and eDiscovery.  That’s the premise of a recent article by Advanced Discovery’s CEO, Jim Burke, in Corporate Compliance Insights – the Premier Source of News for Todays’ GRC Professional.  (The fact that Burke’s article is even in CCI, a publication that doesn’t typically cover eDiscovery players, is a proof point itself.)

Burke cites the following transformational market trends as contributors to the convergence of eDiscovery and risk management:

  • The exponential growth in scale and scope of electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Increasing litigation, tightening global regulatory environments and a track record of substantial fines

These trends are driving organizations to:

  • Move to integrate systems, standardize technology and centralize management of their ESI
  • Escalate C-suite oversight of risk and data management
  • Expand investment in and use of AI-powered solutions to tame the vast amounts of ESI

Companies with the innovative solutions and experts to help clients find and mitigate risk when someone is trying to hide information or obfuscate evidence – within vast amounts of unstructured data.  That’s the game changer of moving eDiscovery tools and workflows upstream to uncover GRC trends and issues before they become litigation and impact the bottom line.

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