Impact of Artificial Intelligence In the Legal Industry

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

93 Percent of Legal Professionals Think Artificial Intelligence Will Help or Create More Opportunity Within the Legal Industry, According to Consilio Survey

AI has already improved code-based tasks like eDiscovery for some time through the form of technology-assisted review (TAR).  And in fact, according to a survey conducted by Consilio, the majority of legal professionals (53 percent) believe AI will create more opportunity within the legal industry with another 40 percent saying it will help the industry.

Respondents to the survey also believe that AI will soon begin impacting the industry in other ways such as litigation analysis and risk assessment. The majority of legal professionals believe AI will create more opportunity within the legal industry and when asked about the biggest positive impacts, respondents agreed AI will enable lawyers to spend more time on higher level, strategic work and create cost efficiencies.

Check out the more of the survey results here.

The AI survey was also recently covered in a Legaltech News article, “AI Finding Favor in Legal Industry, But Adoption Lags.” Legaltech news reporter Gabrielle Orum Hernández interviewed Amy Hinzman, managing director at Consilio for the article.

Hinzman who commented that it’s “…talking about how do we, as legal and compliance professionals, understand and embrace this movement to incorporate AI to improve processes, to create new processes and just become more efficient. A lot of our business partners are doing that already.”

You can read the full article here.

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