Artificial Intelligence in Action: Case Study

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Muckle LLP – Using Technology Assisted Review (TAR) to Narrow Review Scope, Defensibly

Muckle LLP, a commercial law firm in the UK, engaged Advanced Discovery as their eDiscovery partner in a breach of warranty dispute for an aerospace client involving a high-density document set and short discovery production timeline. Advanced Discovery advised Muckle that TAR would be the most efficient way to find the most relevant documents which resulted in:

  • Over 95% reduction of complex data set using Technology Assisted Review (TAR): 1,000,000 documents reduced to 35,000 for manual review
  • Client team prepared for disclosure two weeks ahead of schedule

The Muckle team was led by partner and head of dispute resolution, Susan Howe who commented that “We would certainly recommend the use of TAR for similar-type matters.  More importantly, we would recommend Advanced Discovery as expert guides and partners. The Advanced Discovery team proved themselves in a high stakes matter for us and our client and provided the reassurance of expert help and guidance.”

Read the full case study here.

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