Welcome. You’ve heard the news: Advanced Discovery and Consilio Join Forces to Form Global eDiscovery and Risk Management Market Leader

It’s official. Advanced Discovery and Consilio are now one of the largest and most-capable eDiscovery, document review, risk management and legal consulting solutions providers in the market.  Click here to read the press release.


Advanced Discovery and Consilio are both recognized leaders in our market – with complementary products and services and a shared vision.  As one company, we have the industry’s most capable and consultative services delivery team with the industry’s most innovative technologies – on a global scale – to ensure long term success for our clients.

The scale of the combined companies allows us to invest in our people and our technology – our two most important resources for client success. Together, we plan to build even more competitive advantages by expanding our infrastructure, extending our solutions portfolio, expanding our geographic coverage, and retaining and attracting the strongest teams of expert advisors.


We understand you may have questions with this merger news.  Below are answers to some of the most likely questions.

If you have additional questions or comments after reading through this FAQ, please visit our Client Open Door Contact Center.  There, you’ll be able to ask questions or leave comments.  We’ll get your inquiry to the right person, so we can get back to you quickly – and with accurate information.


What is the News?  

Consilio and Advanced Discovery have merged into a single company, and is now one of the largest and most-capable eDiscovery, document review, risk management, and legal consulting solutions providers in the market.

As one company, Consilio and Advanced Discovery have the scale and breadth of operations to serve our clients anywhere in the world, provide tremendous value-add from our patented and patent-pending technology solutions, achieve more efficiency for our clients, and deliver differentiated solutions at all stages of the eDiscovery and risk management lifecycles.

Our combined company is now headed by Consilio chief executive officer, Andy Macdonald. Former Advanced Discovery chief executive officer, Jim Burke, continues to serve the company as a board member.

Finally, our company is now officially a member of the GI Partners family. GI Partners is a leading private equity firm based in San Francisco and is the majority shareholder in our company.

Did either Consilio or Advanced Discovery acquire the other company?  

Why did the two companies merge?  

With the completed merger, will there be an impact on our current matters and engagements?  

What will be the combined company be called?  

Why should I be excited about what Advanced Discovery brings to the table?  

Why should I be excited about what Consilio brings to the table?  

Who is GI Partners?  

Who will be the executives running the new organization?  

What is the value of these companies combining to clients?  

How will I be notified of changes as they happen, and how can I ask any additional questions?  



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