On-Demand Webinar: Validating eDiscovery Analytics with Magic and Dragons

Friday, January 5, 2018

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Forget Enron. We’ve taken casual nerdery to the next level by building an analytics index from parsing the pages of several of our favorite fictional series including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings. Aside from being more fun, using these well-known series to explore analytics and assisted review workflows have been a more approachable way to demonstrate these tools’ value to analytics newbies.

This is an encore presentation of one of the most successful session lectures at last year’s RelativityFest. If you weren’t able to attend this presentation or you just want to see it again, here’s your chance to learn while having a bit of fun.

Sarah Cole, Relativity Master and Director of Solutions and Julia Helmer, Relativity Expert and Senior Solutions Consultant will:

  • Demonstrate to use categorization and assisted review to group together pages across series representing similar issues and story arcs
  • Show relationships between heroes/antiheroes
  • Enhance search terms through keyword expansion
  • Use clustering to understand the data visually

View this Webinar Now.

About the Webinar Speakers

Sarah Cole is a Relativity Master and serves as Director of Solutions at Advanced Discovery. A subject matter expert in eDiscovery review, analytics, and predictive coding technologies, Sarah specializes in building efficiencies, advanced solutions, and dictating best practice. An industry veteran, Sarah’s decade plus of relevant experience is comprised of hands on roles in legal, document review management, document hosting and production operations, project management, and analytics expert capacities. This inimitable combination equips Sarah with a valuable 360 ° perspective that she uses for cost and time efficient process and project design.

Julia Helmer is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Advanced Discovery with over eight years of experience in the field. Julia creates process flows for the enterprise eDiscovery workflow from identification of relevant data sources, to creation of legal holds, to execution of ESI collections and productions. Julia consults clients in preferable collections, processing, review and production options to best meet their eDiscovery goals and conform to budgets and best practices. Julia specifically concentrates on introducing Technology Assisted Review and Analytics into eDiscovery workflows to streamline review, promote efficiency and save on costs.

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