Live Webinar on May 23rd at 12:00pm EDT | Riskcovery: Your Patented and Portable, AI-Powered Risk Smoke Detector

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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May 23, 2018, 12:00pm EDT/11:00am CDT 

Join our complimentary webinar led by Collin Miller, an expert in risk identification, to learn how to proactively find and respond to risks—before they become problems that significantly impact your business. This webinar will cover:

* Techniques for the early identification of risk in a variety of information sources
* How risk escalates as it takes longer to uncover ethics or compliance issues
* The role of analytics and AI-powered conceptual search in risk assessment
* The benefits of a proactive approach to risk identification
* Real world examples of early investigations using Riskcovery®

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About Our Speaker:

Collin Miller, Director, Riskcovery Solutions
Collin manages the development, deployment and support teams for Advanced Discovery’s newest software, Riskcovery. Through the use of advanced analytics, this software allows corporations to search for and identify any potential violations to company policies and regulations without the limitations commonly associated with keyword searching. The software is ideal for compliance teams, HR specialists, legal teams, law firms, law enforcement, and any area that would require an investigation into text driven data.


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