On-Demand Webinar: Raid Ready

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Preparation for and Management of a Dawn Raid Search

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It is important to have response procedures in place in the event your organization experiences a dawn raid, both to ensure that your legal obligations are fulfilled and legal rights protected.

European antitrust and competition enforcement authorities are increasingly conducting surprise searches at businesses to obtain evidence of possible competition law violations. Failure to comply appropriately to these searches can lead to hefty fines, jail sentences, the loss of privilege – and more.

Our presenter, Dan Rupprecht, draws upon a unique combination of technical knowledge and competition/regulatory related legal experience to provide crucial dawn raid readiness information with a focus on preparing “shadowers” for what to expect on the day.

This webinar provides the key practical points and legal issues to keep in mind when facing a dawn raid, including:

  • What the authorities are looking for and where they are likely to look
  • Effective ways to cooperate with authorities and avoid any inference of obstruction
  • Information governance and the importance of knowing your network
  • Collection of electronic data and processing
  • What to do next and the emphasis on time constraints

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Daniel Rupprecht
eDiscovery Consultant
Millnet – an Advanced Discovery company

As eDiscovery Consultant for Millnet, an Advanced Discovery company, and the largest and longest established UK based eDiscovery and legal document services firm, Dan relies upon his 10 years of experience to help guide clients on best practices for managing large volumes of data and advises on eDiscovery solutions that best fit the matter at hand.

Dan is a qualified US attorney having practiced in both the United States and Europe. Dan has successfully advised and managed dozens of high profile projects through all phases of the EDRM process. More specifically, he has provided guidance on large scale document reviews related to second requests, cartel investigations, litigation disclosures, and banking related matters. Dan also specializes in “privilege” review and the maintenance of confidentiality on sensitive documentation.

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