Securely Gathering and Organizing Your Information

With data volumes exploding across a whole new range of mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) platforms and devices—getting answers is more challenging than ever. There isn’t time for you to stay up-to-date on ever-evolving data platforms or your IT team to do the same on defensible collection practices across multiple jurisdictions.

Advanced Discovery’s expert advisors are available to assist you with tailored guidance for non-forensic collection of both ESI and paper, using the most stringent standards and appropriate technology.

Whether Electronic or Paper, Data Handling is Key

Electronic files can be collected by our staff or yours and sent to our data center for processing via sFTP, media (i.e. flash drive or DVD), overnight shipping or other bonded courier.

Our trained experts collect paper documents on-site. Each document is inventoried on a Detailed Collection Tracking form, a copy of which is maintained by the client and used at the time of return to insure that all material is in good order and accounted for.

Chain of custody is maintained and documented at all times; as needed, our collections specialists can return to perform supplemental collections so that documents created after the initial sweep are included in the review database.  We provide in-depth reports to track all aspects of the collection process, including client, case, custodians, data type and size, date of collection, method of collection and collection details.

Forensic Procedures and Investigations

In matters requiring more complex or challenging data collection, Data Forensics or Investigations may be needed. To learn about Advanced Discovery’s services in these areas, please visit our Data Forensics and Investigations section.


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